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There are two forces of nature at work at the new Asbestos Disposal Beverley, Telford and Wrekin Council waste and recycling centre at Sutton Fields, Amsterdam Road. The first one is the "natural" force of gravity which causes waste to drop down from the entrance building to the processing plant below. The second force is perhaps man made, but no less decisive. It comes in the shape of a big, monster trucklike machine originally built to crush small cars, or.

He first noticed the bags outside the site office – a dozen or so, stuffed to bursting with household waste. "You knew straight away there was something suspicious about them," said Mr Wheeldon. But it was not until he began to move them that he and his colleagues took a closer look. And then they realised exactly what those bags contained. On Tuesday, Mr Wheeldon was concerned about asbestos, which he said was on the floor at the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, despite a cleanup operation last Saturday.
He said: "It was everywhere all over my shoes. "It was only a matter of time before someone was going to step on itAsbestos Disposal Beverley He says it was a massive shock to him. After taking a closer look, he found more than 50 bags of asbestos piled up between the recycling centre and the Beverley Municipal Asbestos Disposal Beverley Centre. Like many people he is wary of the hazards of asbestos, and thought going into the centre would be frightening.
Not the most pleasant task, but Alan Wheeldon is no stranger to it. For more than 30 years he has worked at the waste and recycling centre in Beverley, helping people to dispose of all sorts of rubbish. He collects old clothes, furniture, carpets and even electrical goods from homes across East Yorkshire. Recently it was asbestos – something that Mr Wheeldon has seen a lot of over his long career. The Beverley centre is one of 12 around the country specially set up to dispose of asbestos waste.
It is run by Amey, the contractor responsible for the roads in North East England. The North East Asbestos Centre at Sutton Fields in Beverley has been running for three years but only recently has it had routine visitors from local people wondering just what was going on inside. Alan Wheeldon, their manager, said the crews had been sent in after fire officers told him that asbestos was strewn across the floor. His crews were only able to access the site via underground passageways so had to put on breathing apparatus to continue into the storage area to carry out their duties, and remained for 20 minutes until instructed it was safe to exit.

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asbestos disposal Beverley . One of the first things Alan Wheeldon saw were the thin sheets of deadly asbestos, brought to Landfill from a demolition project in Doncaster. These have been cut up into even thinner pieces ready for transport to the waste plant in Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire. The asbestosfilled crates are then driven away for disposal. Beverley asbestos disposal company Alan Wheeldon has been the main contractor into the temporary site at Sutton Fields which is running 24 hours a day.

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Alan Wheeldon of Asbestos Disposal Beverley said: "People who've been in Beverley Recycling Centre in the past few days will have seen people wearing protective clothing. This is normal. Following an asbestos disposal accident at the plant last week, there was a small amount of water damage to the carpet. We are cleaning this now and it is all being done under controlled conditionsAsbestos Disposal Beverley Alan Wheeldon, owner of Wheeldons, Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire, said the green skip was filled with domestic and commercial asbestos waste that he had collected from homes in Beverley and surrounding villages.

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He added that it took him six or seven hours to fill the skip. Alan Wheeldon, who is based further down Amsterdam Road, said the fire is a safety hazard. Dogs are still able to get in to the waste site and he is concerned about asbestos. The fire started at about 3am on Tuesday morning and lasted for around two hours. The waste and recycling centre at the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate in Amsterdam Road, near Beverley was closed for a day as a precaution while experts disposed of it.

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The Environment Agency put the asbestos in sealed bags and into a secure container. Alan Wheeldon is a director at Harrison Environmental of Beverley. They offer asbestos disposal in Beverley, and specialise in the safe removal of asbestos from commercial premises. Their team also offer asbestos surveys and Health & Safety advice. asbestos disposal in Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire, Alan Wheeldon was one of the first people into the waste and recycling centre at the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate in Amsterdam Road.

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There was rubble over the grass at the back of the centre which had been piled up to stop any contamination.      Alan Wheeldon, Asset Management businesses for Biffa, which operates the site, said: "What was happening is they were tipping asbestos into the concrete skips then they would cover it in a tarpaulin so when somebody went along and loaded it on to their truck there was no idea that anything was in there.

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