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Find a disposal service for your asbestos waste in Cotgrave Nottinghamshire here. No one will collect fines for illegal dumping and leaving this waste on site is dangerous if it ends up getting into the wrong hands. At UK Asbestos for disposal of asbestos you can be sure we will recycle, dispose of and remove your asbestos correctly. "I was shocked when I came home from work to find five bags of asbestos waste dumped outside our home.

I found out this morning that it had been left there by the council," she said last night. Ted, who works for Cotgrave Outdoor Centre, said: "We came home on Thursday evening and there was a skip parked outside our house with bags of asbestos in it. We provide asbestos disposal throughout Beeston and the surrounding areas in Nottinghamshire. Asbestos Disposal Cotgrave friendly team can collect, transport and dispose of asbestos anywhere within Beeston. We pride ourselves on our fast response times so you can book your collection or choose our drop off service and we'll deliver it directly to your home or place of work.
We originally thought it was old carpet,'said Mrs Elliott, 'but when we came to move the waste we were overcome by a very strong smell of asbestos. We called the health board and the police. We have since found out that another skip containing asbestos was placed in Willoughby Road, Kirklington. The photograph shows the remains of the asbestos disposal in Cotgrave. Asbestos Disposal Cotgrave client was a successful businessman and brought an award winning garden to his village, he used bonded asbestos roofing to create "the garden of England" and he employed local people from the village.
The couple have already had a skip full of the material put outside their home last month and are now worried about breathing in the deadly fibres. They do not know who has dumped it outside their home. We were shocked when we found it,'Mrs Elliott said. 'We have a pile of asbestos on the other side of the wall, which came from my husband's previous work as a plasterer. The couple had decided to contact Nottinghamshire County Council as they were not sure what to do with it and the council allowed them to dump it.
asbestos disposal in Cotgrave Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. Man's job is to dispose of asbestos waste in Cotgrave Nottinghamshire. The council is deciding whether the asbestos should be disposed of in a proper area or to a skip outside my house. I can just see people walking past thinking, what the hell. The couple are now worried that the cot could pose a health risk to anyone who came into contact with it. Mrs Elliott, 44, said: "I've heard that you can get cancer from asbestos.

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I don't want anyone to be ill because of us. "   asbestos disposal Cotgrave Nottinghamshire. "We just can't believe people would be so stupid," said Mrs Elliott. "We are very angry indeed and would also like to know where the stuff had come from. Noone who lives in or around Cotgrave is able to dispose of asbestos like thatAsbestos Disposal Cotgrave The couple have lived there since 1976, and said they had never seen the asbestos before.

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The couple said they could not believe what they saw when they returned from work at about 5. 30pm on Monday. The skip, which was sitting outside the terraced house, contained plumbers bags, fibers from insulation, and even the remains of an old hat which had once contained asbestos. asbestos disposal in Cotgrave is made easy with Cotgrave Skip Hire services. This legal and safe method of disposing of your old asbestos for a fraction of the cost.

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While you are at it why not dispose of your tidying up rubbish whilst retaining the maximum amount of money possible. The worried couple then called Nottinghamshire County Council to confirm what they had uncovered. They asked if they had been at risk of breathing in asbestos fibres, but were told "no". A few minutes later a council worker arrived and swept up the waste. "This is the second time that we have found asbestos dumped outside our house.

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We are not happy about it, especially as it was dumped on a cold night. We don't know who left it there but they need to know that dumping asbestos is dangerousAsbestos Disposal Cotgrave "��Arsonists could start a fire and kill me. " Those were the words of a 67yearold Cotgrave woman whose home was targeted by flytippers. "It was a bit of a shock," said Mrs Elliott. "I came outside at 6pm after work to find it dumped on the pavement outsideAsbestos Disposal Cotgrave The Elliott family have lived in their Manchester Road home for 40 years and have become the third owners to have problems with people dumping asbestos in front of their property.

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At 4 pm on Saturday the skip was emptied and the asbestos had to be disposed of at considerable cost to me. I went to the police station in Cotgrave and reported the incident. I was advised to report it at Notttingham Borough Council Planning Dept as this was a planning offence. The couple contacted the Environment Agency who sent three officers to their home and took samples of the waste. The item was removed by asbestos disposal experts from Asbestos Disposal Cotgrave, based in Bingham, and taken to a secure facility where it will be destroyed.

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