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The proposed scheme would comprise: 1. 2000 metric tonnes of waste asbestos will be transported and offloaded into a pile approximately 20 metres high with a base width of approximately 400 metres 160,000 m3. 2. Some 2 million litres of diesel will used over the life of the operation 500,000 litres on site in total. 3. There will be temporary lights during night time deliveries by articulated lorries to facilitate the arrival and departure of waste and fuel transport vehicles.

The site was formerly used by Asbestos Disposal Immingham. Both companies were involved in the storage, shipping and handling of diesel, cement and grain silos, and other port related activities. Portlink 180 is now a joint enterprise by Maersk (operating as Asbestos Disposal Immingham ) and Asbestos Disposal Immingham, with all facilities located on their land. Portlink 180 has had planning consent for Phase 1 of construction since 2004, but is yet to be completed. The site itself should take 5 years to construct and is due for completion in 2017.
This includes the coal terminal facility, a second contractor facility, a truck marshalling area and one accommodation unit. The Portlink 180 site is located on Hobson Way, between Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. The site consists of approximately 80 acres of land that will be developed into a deep water port for the import, export and storage of bulk commodities. Portlink180 is located just off Hobson Way between Grimsby and Immingham on the east bank of the Humber Estuary.
asbestos disposal in the Grimsby area. Asbestos Disposal Immingham asbestos disposal site in Immingham offering customers a complete asbestos disposal solution. The site is called Portlink 180 which consists of approximately 80 acres of land located on Hobson Way, between Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. North East Lincolnshire Council is using part of the site for its own purpose. asbestos disposal in Immingham through Portlink 180 is available to commercial operators and members of the public.
Portlink 180 consists of approximately 80 acres of land located on Hobson Way, between Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. The site was previously used as an industrial port for the import and export of roadstone material. Currently there is no trade using the site and it is now awaiting a buyer.  Products made from asbestos were handled at the site and therefore asbestos materials remain in place, both in structures that remain on the industrial estate area, but also in other areas such as the storage areas for stone materials.

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The Portlink 180 project is proposed to involve the development of a deep water bulk handling facility for the import, inspection and transshipment of iron ore from seagoing vessels. The use of this facility will primarily be for coal mining customers to import iron ore products from overseas markets. The main site facilities will include a berth starhead (the area at quayside where ships are joined to the facilities and loaded), stacking areas, rail marshalling yards, crane hard standing areas and associated storage yards.

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Portlink 180 consists of 9 discrete areas. 7 of these are terraced gravel pits and 2 are excavated landfills. The land is surrounded by transport infrastructure for bulk materials, including the A18, East Coast Mainline rail link, and access to the sea with Immingham and Grimsby Port Authority offering direct passage to the major markets of Scandinavia and Germany. Portlink 180 includes asbestos disposal facilities capable of handling mixed waste of between 650,000 and 1m tonnes per annum.

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The facility consists of a main plant located on the southern part of the site, comprising a demolition processing area, a waste processing building and a large concrete silo facility for storage of asbestos and metallic materials. Portlink 180 is a waste transfer and disposal site for asbestos waste and other hazardous materials that have been generated within the Immingham industrial area. The site has the potential capability to accept up to 50,000 tonnes of waste per annum as well as 300,000 cubic metres of inert materials by way of landfill operations.

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The site is to be used for the disposal of Class A and B waste under a license granted by the Environment Agency to the future operator. The waste will come from surrounding industrial sites in North East Lincolnshire and from commercial, domestic and demolition sources in and around the Humber region. Portlink 180 provides a sustainable solution for disposal of waste with long term contracts in place with local market partners including British Steel plc, Tata Steel Europe: Scunthorpe, Asbestos Disposal Immingham (formerly Northern Metals) and NEG.

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It will run as an open access site where all operators are welcome to dispose of waste. asbestos disposal: We are an asbestos disposal company based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Asbestos Disposal Immingham site is called Portlink 180 which consists of approximately 80 acres of land located on Hobson Way, between Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. We have 6 or 7 buildings on site that hold a total of approximately 20,000 or 30,000 cubic meters of asbestos cement.

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