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You can get rid of your rubbish and any old large appliances at the same time as disposing of asbestos or flytipping. From 13 July 2018, a limited number of vans carrying household waste will be able to visit the Household Recycling and Waste Centres (tips) at Huyton and Kirkby. The change means that residents do not need to book in advance – just turn up, unload the van and pay for disposal of your pile of rubbish, as usual.

The council's asbestos disposal service supports the local community by ensuring asbestos is disposed of safely and efficiently. We can dispose of any type of waste that contains asbestos, such as roofing slates, fire guttering, and heating pipe lagging. The vans that we provide also take all types of domestic waste to the Household Recycling Centres (tips) at Huyton or Kirkby. The Huyton and Kirkby centres are being extended and the work means a small number of vehicles that are not permitted to enter them for safety reasons, will be able to take waste to the centres from Monday (13 July).
This vehicle ban will stay in force until the work is completed. If your vehicle is not on the list below, you should not go to either site or you may be fined. The asbestos disposal service in Kirkby offers a fast and easy way of disposing of your asbestos. The service will cost you around £50 for up to 5 items of waste. Asbestos can only be collected during certain times through the week, please call the council on 01904 862094 for more details.
Householders are advised that from Monday, 13th July, the Kirkby and Huyton Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will be trading on a oneway system with three lanes for vehicle entry one for high sided vehicles, one for low sides and one for caravans with their tail gates open. You can take your asbestos waste to Kirkby for disposal from 13th July. These will be full collections of Asbestos and they will be free of charge.
The normal kerbside collection service will not be affected. This limited service will only last until Friday, 17 August 2016. After this date, the council's normal collections will resume. This new temporary scheme is needed because the waste transfer station (Huyton) was closed due to a spillage of contaminated material. The Waste Transfer Station at Kirkby has been accepting household waste for some time and is available on a daily basis for customers who would like to use it.

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Please help us by reminding your local neighbours of this new arrangement and that they can still dispose of their household waste outside of the designated period (see dates. The £667k investment means that residents living in parts of Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens and Sefton will be able to take advantage of free bulky waste collections. It is anticipated that customers will be able to use this service weekly as we plan to introduce the Kirkby facility first from Monday 13th July.

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The Knowsley sites will follow by late September/early October after driver training has been completed and the traffic management plans are finalised. This project was supported by a grant from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) our sincere thanks go out to them and we. Householders have been able to recycle and dispose of household waste responsibly at the Huyton & Kirkby Household Waste Recycling and Disposal Centres for several years. The centres provide many services including recycling and disposal of a wide range of materials that cannot go through our kerbside collection service or are too large, bulky or heavy for you to take to a household waste and recycling centre deposit site.

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Depositing asbestos at these sites is safe, legal, and convenient. We're making it easier for West Lancashire residents to dispose of their household waste, by providing a service where they can take their rubbish to the Household Recycling Centre (tip) at Kirkby. 25July2016 Local householders will be able to take asbestos to Kirkby and Huyton Asbestos Disposal Kirkby Sites for disposal in a limited number of Council vans from Monday 13th July. In order to comply with the European Waste Shipment Regulation, we are making some changes to the way waste is delivered to our Household Recycling and Waste Centres (tips).

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Residents of Liverpool living in Kirkby have a new option for disposing their asbestos. The site at the Kirkby Household Waste and Recycling Centre (tip) will accept asbestos from Monday 13 July. This is in addition to the household waste and recycling centre at Huyton which has been accepting asbestos since May 2017. The household tips at Huyton and Kirkby will now accept domestic asbestos waste in the same way as household waste. The new arrangements do not affect visits to the Household Recycling and Waste Centres where only waste which can't be recycled must be placed in the tip by residents.

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The limited service will be running during normal operating hours at Huyton and Kirkby where waste can be taken. Further information about the changes to the service is available at – or contact your local waste and recycling centre. The council's new policy on using local waste and recycling centres (tips) as fire and asbestos waste collection sites is not working, despite visits to Huyton and Kirkby tips by some removers in recent weeks.

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