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asbestos disposal Oundle. We all need to do our bit for the environment and recycling is an excellent way of doing this without noticeably changing your lifestyle. For Oundle residents, this is especially important because Portmouth is just 40 miles away, by road and has one of the biggest landfill sites in England. The site takes around 1,600,000 tonnes of waste each year that's 60% of southern England's household rubbish. asbestos disposal isn't simple, so the simple answer is to use Garden Asbestos Disposal Oundle, – the number one company for asbestos disposal in Oundle Northamptonshire.

Booking a fast, same day service and specialising in budget prices, safe disposal and great customer satisfaction – we'll take care of everything from start to finish. You can recycle your garden waste for free. To join the club, you need to live in North umberland and be able to transport your garden waste to a council green recycling centre by your own means. We will then take it from there and compost it with other garden waste collected from homes in the area.
Since the Green Waste Club began in 2014, around 1. 3 million tonnes of garden waste has been diverted from landfill – thats enough to fill over 1,400 Olympicsized swimming pools. Green Waste Club is a garden waste recycling scheme delivered by local councils across England. Find out if your local area is part of the scheme, and find out how you can join. We provide this service to both domestic and commercial customers and helps to ensure that their businesses are up to code concerning the disposal of asbestos.
The Green Waste Club lets you pay a fee to have garden waste collected from your home. This can be grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and leaves. The fee supports local government initiatives for the community, like food growing projects, local wildlife and habitat conservation and allotment initiatives. By having your garden waste collected separately from your nonrecyclable rubbish it means recycled materials can go to making new products, rather than being incinerated or landfilled. Avoid the cost of landfill taxes by recycling as much as possible in your area.
Green Companies with a longterm commitment to recycling are now able to deliver garden waste collections using their own fleet of vehicles or through existing commercial waste intermediaries. Green Waste Club members can save time and money by reducing the number of garden waste collections they make, reducing the number of times their bins need to be emptied and, therefore, in many cases avoiding charges associated with bin collection. Over the past four years, Portmouth City Council has worked with local residents to increase garden waste recycling and composting, and reduce by half the amount of green waste sent for disposal.

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As a result, they have prevented more than 9,500 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to taking more than 1,300 cars off the road or planting over 1. 5 million trees. Garden waste is collected weekly with your other household rubbish and garden waste caddy. If you have a large amount of garden waste at the end of your driveway after the first collection please call us on 01604 372174 (Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm) and we will arrange for another collection.

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Men and women across the country are increasingly turning to garden composting as a natural alternative to household waste incineration. Around 10 million tonnes of garden waste is produced every year, much of which would otherwise end up in local landfill sites. By signing up for the Green Waste Club, residents can deal with their garden waste in a methodical and environmentally friendly fashion. asbestos disposal Henlow The garden waste collected in the Green Waste Club is broken down and used for composting or mulching projects.

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This prevents the need for landfilling, anaerobic digestion of food waste or incineration. As a result, the council is reaching its diversion from landfill targets earlier than planned at a lower cost and contributing to the national recycling targets. Asbestos Disposal Oundle Green Waste Club service provides garden waste collection for residential customers on a weekly basis, collected in a large, free council wheelie bin from a kerbside or communal location. Asbestos is accepted at all times as part of the garden waste collection.

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The Green Waste Club is a community interest company (CIC) that has been set up to develop an innovative approach to recycling garden waste in your local area. asbestos disposal is available in Oundle, Northamptonshire. Garden Waste recycling has based in Oundle to help you dispose of your asbestos waste. Green Waste Club's garden waste delivery service has been helping households in Portmouth, Herefordshire Arun, Melton, Tandridge and East Northamptonshire since 2007. We have thousands of members and divert thousands of tonnes of garden waste from landfill every year.

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The Green Waste Club brings garden and household green waste to one site for composting. It covers five Council areas in southeast England (Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire) and helps divert 155,000 tonnes of garden waste away from landfill every year. The service is delivered at a convenient location close to where you live. The four council areas cover around 75% of the county's geographical area and represent almost half of its population. The Green Waste Club enables residents to recycle household litter free of charge by encouraging them to place green waste in their garden waste bin and by separately collecting it as part of the Green Waste Scheme.

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