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The County is forced to dispose of asbestos waste in two sites, Wadhurst and Forest Row. One site, Wadhurst is owned by the County Council and the other Forest Row is privately owned, by Kyle Management. This arrangement has cost the County Huge sums on legal fees and is simply a selfserving arrangement that no other County or Parish Councils are obliged to use. Sussex County Council has been aware of both the high cost and increasingly unacceptable safety standards at Wadhurst from as far back as 1997 when the Medical Officer of Health reported his concerns to the then Deputy Leader of East Sussex Council.

asbestos disposal costs in Wadhurst currently account for 2. 7 per cent of the total costs relating to the hazardous material. Authorities across Sussex have been working to reduce asbestos related expenditure, which stood at £14. 28m in 2005/06 but fell to £11. 68m by 2011/12, after the introduction of measures such as improving asbestos insulation, restricting bulk free waste collections in all but a few specific cases, providing financial grants for replacement pipework on commercial buildings and carrying out energy efficiency audits on schools.
asbestos disposal, Wadhurst Asbestos Disposal Wadhurst. Wadhurst Asbestos Disposal Wadhurst. is the area’s leading specialist in safe asbestos disposal and can be found on West Street in the heart of Wadhurst East Sussex. We have been providing a professional, reliable service to the people and businesses of Sussex and Kent for over 20 years. Wadhurst is unique, and actually has the only asbestos disposal site in East Sussex. At the moment we have to pay twice as much as northern authorities for our disposal, and we have to transport it to other disposal sites.
We would like to see that situation reversed. The council was asked to agree to start the process of making Wadhurst and Forest Row Waste Transfer Stations take more than their current limit of 20 loads per day of asbestos waste. Asbestos Disposal Wadhurst Uckfield company in Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex is ready to help you with asbestos disposal, asbestos surveys and asbestos assessments. We are a reliable company with years of experience within the asbestos removal industry.
The UK’s asbestos disposal Company for Wadhurst, East Sussex. Asbestos Disposal Wadhurst or of Communities, Economy and Transport for East Sussex, Mr Clubb told the meeting Wadhurst and Forest Row are “almost three times more expensive than other sites handling greater tonnages” whereby the neighbouring parishes communities have been stripped of green belt land to provide asbestos disposal facilities at around £3. 60 a tonne plus VAT; whereas the charge to dispose of the material in landfill is only £1.

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50£1. 80 per tonne. Mr Clubb said the Horsham site should be able to handle 2,000 tonnes of material whereas Wadhurst was only handling 300 to 500. He said that the “thrust” of the investigation into the cost differential would be to try to establish if Wadhurst was being used to meet EU obligations rather than deliver services to local authorities at an affordable rate. Work is now under way to help new and existing businesses in Wadhurst and Forest Row, while working with residents and tourists alike to create a sustainable future for our area.

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And there will be no increase in the council tax precept for disposal and processing at the same time. " – Colin Clubb, Cabinet Member for Communities, Economy and Transport. “East Sussex County Council has long recognised the potential environmental risks if asbestos was left to deteriorate,” said Mr Clubb. “I have written to every household and for this reason. I would like to stress that this is a temporary measure while we widen the existing site which will allow safe disposal at Wadhurst in the future.

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”. A major cost of £1. 8 million has also been incurred by the local authorities in East Sussex alone and who will cover this will be decided at the next meeting on May 4th, until then Wadhurst will continue to dispose of asbestos waste from East Sussex at a cost in the region of £2,000 per tonne. The fees awarded to Wadhurst and Forest Row are also twice those received by the third East Sussex plant, operated by Veolia Services at Rye, where rates are £35£68 per tonne depending on the type of material processed.

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Removal of asbestos from all domestic premises in Wadhurst and Forest Row cost £4,600 more than the average across East Sussex. In its report to members, East Sussex County Council’s Communities, Economy and Transport Committee stated: “Taking into account inflation, the cost of the disposal of asbestos increased by over 27 per cent, from £3,732 (in May 2015) to £4,717 (in May 2016). “The council acknowledges that there is an upward trend in charges and that it is essential to dispose of asbestos waste responsibly.

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“As such funding is set aside. Wadhurst now has a new asbestos disposal site from where the material can be taken to special facilities capable of dealing with all forms of asbestos. It also gives the material a longer life by keeping it out of landfill, which is limited in its lifespan. A higher cost will be incurred as the facility deals solely with asbestos and is constantly monitored and tested. The council will also have to pay for additional security measures, including CCTV cameras, at the site.

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