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Wyre Council’s asbestos disposal service operates at the Wyre’s Recycling Centre in Fleetwood. The service accepts asbestos containing materials (ACMs) from households and businesses. ACMs are removed and disposed of safely at the northern disposal facility in Amounderness Way, Freckleton. It should be noted that the operation of this service is restricted to lower risk ACMs only, which include some types of insulation board, roofing material, gaskets, cement sheets and so on. The service will not accept electrical notices or higher risk materials such as sprayon coatings, certain types.

asbestos disposal Fleetwood provides asbestos collection, asbestos disposal and asbestos removal in the area. Using our proven service offering we provide our customers with results driven work, high standards and quality service. We have been providing a professional removal and disposal service since 1991, with highlytrained fully insured teams that can be mobilized to tackle all projects. Asbestos is a harmful material that's banned in the UK, but there are still many homes and buildings that might contain asbestos.
You can dispose of lower risk asbestos in some places for free. These are known as asbestos disposal sites. You must ensure that the asbestos is properly wrapped before disposal. We are always aware that asbestos disposal is a sensitive issue, and while we are able to provide limited facilities for you to dispose of lower risk asbestos at Wyre’s Recycling Centre, Fleetwood, there are times when you may require a service that can help look after this for you.
Asbestos Disposal Fleetwood comprehensive asbestos disposal service ensures that asbestos waste can be safely removed without damaging your premises, or the environment. We can dispose of low, medium and high risk asbestos in Fleetwood Lancashire. Asbestos Disposal Fleetwood team of fully trained asbestos removal specialists are on hand to take the stress out of the process by treating the waste with care and precision. And to ensure that we meet our rigorous standards, we’re fully accredited by the British Refuse Collection Association (BRCA).
For the disposal of lower risk materials there is a site at Fleetwood Lancashire Linkup Road. "Lower risk" is materials containing less than 3% asbestos. You can dispose of lower risk asbestos at Wyre's Recycling Centre, Fleetwood but you must ensure that the asbestos is properly wrapped before disposal. With the assistance of the highly trained professionals at Asbestos Disposal Fleetwood, you can dispose of your lower risk asbestos safely. By using their asbestos disposal Fleetwood service, you can rid yourself of potentially hazardous waste as well as ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfill.

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Lancashire County Council has information for residents on the asbestos disposal scheme. You can dispose of all but the riskiest forms of asbestos at Wyre's Recycling Centre, in Fleetwood. You must ensure that asbestos is wrapped before you drop it off. Asbestos waste should be transported by a registered waste carrier. for more information on safe asbestos waste removal in Fleetwood, please visit asbestos removal Fleetwood Lancashire, Asbestos Safe Solutions dispose of lower risk asbestos legal at Wyre’s recycling Centre, Fleetwood Lancashire.

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You can ensure that the asbestos is properly wrapped before disposal. We are able to dispose of Waste or NonDangerous waste that is classed as a 'controlled waste'at our licensed site based in Fleetwood, Lancashire. Controlled waste is described as running and nonliable waste. We also dispose of loads that have asbestos present (low risk). asbestos disposal Earby, Eden Works, Colne Road, Kelbrook, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Asbestos Disposal Fleetwood is the number 1 site for asbestos removal and asbestos disposal in Darwen , Lancashire .

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As asbestos can pose a health risk if disturbed we have a dedicated Fleetwood  site where you can take lower risk samples, this is at Wyre's Recycling Centre, Catforth Lane, Fleetwood. There is no charge for disposal at this site but you must ensure that the asbestos is properly wrapped before disposal. asbestos disposal Fleetwood is an expert service company based in Fleetwood Lancashire for the disposal of lower risk asbestos waste. If you need to know about asbestos disposal in Fleetwood Lancashire then please give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have.

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Where can I dispose of asbestos? In Lancashire, the only legally approved place to take asbestos for disposal is the Yorkshire Wolds Resource Centre at Barnby Dun near Driffield. We also accept certain types of asbestos, such as fire insulation, in small quantities without wrapping. You can also take a wide range of other waste materials like metal and plastic at our recycling centres. Asbestos can be a hazardous material and should be treated as such.

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Home collection is not permitted as it is not a safe way to dispose asbestos. Before using any website that offers asbestos samples collection service for Fleetwood, you must ensure that they are registered with the Asbestos Disposal Fleetwood Agency (EPA). asbestos disposal in Fleetwood Lancashire, Asbestos waste can also be deposited at the local authority's recycling centre (subject to a fee). This is mainly for disposal of high risk asbestos but lower risk asbestos cannot be placed in the same bale that contains high risk asbestos.

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