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Waste asbestos disposal is a legal requirement. We have tried to make asbestos disposal at CRRC Garstang easy by keeping operating hours to suit you, with flexible charging rates and waste tips for a variety of other waste types that are not asbestos. Below are links to the other waste types that you can dispose of at our Lancashire recycling centres. Garstang is the centre for the disposal of asbestos in Lancashire, serving Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood and Longridge.

There will be no changes to the recycling centres at Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood or Longridge as a result of these new arrangements. The hours of operation for Garstang Recycling Centre will be extended. The Garstang CRRC is the main waste recycling centre for the local authority. It is operated by Lancashire County Council on behalf of the 5 Boroughs in NorthWest Lancashire. The facility provides a range of recycling services to households, businesses and organisations in people's homes.
SUEZ provide a selective site for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC. Asbestos and asbestoscontaining materials (ACMs) are prohibited from landfill by the Landfill (England and Wales) Regulations 2007. Asbestos: asbestos disposal Garstang Lancashire, Alternative facilities remain at Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood and Longridge recycling centres for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC. asbestos removal Garstang Lancashire. Call us today for asbestos disposal Garstang Lancaster, Longridge, Preston, Fleetwood.
In 2016 we received just 2 tonnes of asbestos wastes at Garstang, while in the same year over 163 tonnes of asbestos wastes were disposed of at the following 4 recycling centres; Fleetwood – 54. 7 tonnes, Lancaster – 23. 6 tonnes, Longridge – 40. 7 tonnes and Preston – 18. 4 tonnes Why should you Contaminated soil is accepted from all commercial yards where dry mixed asbestos or asbestos containing materials are removed from premises and brought to the RCF for sorting, and then disposed of in the properly licensed disposal site within the county.
The facility at Garstang is open every day, from 07001900, and is located at the opposite end of the site to the household waste recycling centre. It is for disposal of wastes that cannot be accepted at the household waste recycling centres listed above. These include: Asbestos materials, Cementbased materials (e. g siding), Coatings / Plasters / Mastics (e. g painted coatings), Fibretex, Floor coverings / Carpeting, Hardboard, Roofing materials (e. g tiles and shingles), Vinyls.

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Garstang Resource Recovery Centre (CRRC) is a not for profit operating company owned by Lancashire County Council. CRRC is one of the most efficient and cost effective recovery and recycling facilities in the North West area. Garstang CRRC will continue to deliver sustainable waste disposal solutions for the benefit of both environment and local economy. Alternative facilities remain at Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood and Longridge recycling centres for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC.

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Alter fill the red bag with all of your asbestos waste, seal it securely and then dispose it in one of the containers at garstang CRRC. Alternatively you can take your waste to Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood or Longridge recycling centres but ensure the asbestos bag is securely sealed to prevent any asbestos fibres becoming airborneAsbestos Disposal Garstang For the disposal of asbestos or other waste which is not accepted at our Garstang site, alternative facilities remain at Preston North End (PNE) football stadium, Lancaster Castle, Fleetwood Town Football Club and Longridge Town Football Club; these sites presently accept asbestos only, for details telephone 0800 246 1404.

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Garstang Recycling and Recovery Centre (CRRC) remains the disposal site of choice for asbestos waste in Garstang and surrounding areas. Garstang has a long history as a recycling centre serving North West Lancashire and South Cumbria, with the site built in 1978. The Waste Authority owns and operates a Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Garstang, known as the Centre for ReCreation, Arts And Recreation (CRRC). The CRRC is an asbestos waste disposal facility serving the Lancaster and Preston areas.

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asbestos removal and Disposal Services Garstang Lancashire, Alternative facilities remain at Lancaster Longridge Fleetwood and Preston recycling centres for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC. asbestos disposal Garstang, Lancashire – CRRC Garstang now accepts asbestos waste free of charge for the first truckload . No job is too big or small for us and we will be more than happy to help you with your requirements. Welcome to Asbestos Disposal Garstang, Asbestos Disposal Garstang Preston, we are a professional waste disposal company in Fulwood Lancashire.

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Garstang is approved by the Environment Agency for the disposal of asbestos and has therefore been given permission to dispose of asbestos during normal operating hours at no extra cost. There are separate areas within the site for the disposal of asbestos. Garstang is closed on bank holidays, Christmas and New Year. The local authority provides two convenient alternative facilities for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC. Also, for nonresidential users there is access to The Short Lane (Longridge) and Bamber Bridge (Lancaster) recycling centres.

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