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Two million plastic bottles will be recycled every year, converting them from waste into valuable raw materials. Biffa's new Seaham facility boasts a fully integrated PET bottle recycling plant and office complex the largest of its kind in the UK. The facility will enable Biffa to recover more plastic bottles for recycling and use as scrap material than ever before. Its unique design means that it can pull all the way through the production line from start to finish, creating the most efficient and profitable site possible.

Rearranging existing equipment allows for a very compact footprint, with minimum operational impact on local residents or businesses. The 24hour. The new purpose built facility will have the capacity to process 1. 5 million bottles and jars a day and service nine million consumers across the UK. It is the first site in the UK to be able to recycle PET plastic bottles for the food and drink industry, alongside 2 litre bottles as well as a range of other plastics used for household cleaning products.
The £27. 5m investment gives Biffa the opportunity to increase recycling volumes whilst taking up less space than previous facilities, contributing to the company's aim of making sustainability one of its core values. The Seaham facility, which can process 56,000 PET bottles every hour, will sort the PET plastic into three colour coded streams: clear PET for new bottles; opaque to make new fibre products and green to manufacture new plastic pallets and for use in the automotive industry.
As part of its Groupwide commitment to recycling, Biffa will also separate any other recyclable materials collected in its Durham area service. As the UK's largest PET plastic bottle recycler, Biffa is ideally placed to make significant contributions to tackling litter and landfill through a variety of initiatives, including its new state of the art PET Plastic recycling facility in County Durham. The site will process 7. 5 million litres of Biffa Recycling's PET plastic bottles each year to be reused for bottletobottle recycling or other uses.
Opened by the mayor of Sunderland and Biffa's chief executive, Dick Ratcliffe, the new facility is the second Biffa recycling centre in County Durham. The centre will reuse more than 85% of PET plastic bottles collected and will also process approximately 180,000 tonnes2 of other materials every year. Biffa, the leading UK recycler and waste management company, has today opened its new £27. 5m PET plastic bottle recycling facility at its site in Seaham, County Durham.

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The Seaham site was selected following a rigorous selection process by Biffa, and is part of its initiative to develop regional waste management facilities in the UK. The facility will be used to sort and clean postconsumer PET plastics, which will then be reprocessed into plastics suitable for various applications including agricultural sheeting, utility fittings, furniture and automotive bodywork, as well as new bottles. Biffa, which has been working in partnership with Persimmon Homes for the last eight years, is at the forefront of recycling in the UK.

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This new facility will deal with up to 60,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year, which is equivalent to 175 million PET plastic bottles. The Seaham facility also includes a collection and delivery service for businesses in the North East. The UK recycler and waste management specialist, Biffa, has opened its latest state of the art recycling facility in Seaham, County Durham. The facility which is housing a new bulk waste transfer station will process 240,000 tonnes of material per year including asbestos, road sweepings and plastics processing.

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The new Biffa facility, which can process up to 500 tonnes of recycling daily, will handle all of Durham's mixed plastic and cardboard waste. In addition to PET bottle recycling, the facility will also recycle a variety of other materials. Biffa's new state of the art £27. 5m PET plastic bottle recycling facility, based in County Durham, has been officially opened by the Mayor of Durham, Cllr John Foster. ). We provide an asbestos disposal and grab hire service in Peterlee.

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Biffa's new £27. 5m1 PET plastic bottle recycling facility will handle the recycling of three million litres of plastic bottles each month, rising to 15 million litres per month when the facility is at full capacity in 12 months'time as it takes on the processing of all PET plastic bottles collected across the five central region counties of the north east. The facility's highspeed optical sorters are unique to this part of the UK and capable of separating PET from other packaging materials such as aluminium, glass and carton fabric.

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Biffa is opening its new £27. 5m1 state of the art PET plastic bottle recycling facility in Seaham, County Durham. This introduction will allow us to reprocess even more materials for recycling and help Biffa reduce its carbon footprint. The site will also be able to convert pellets into plastic pellets which can then be used in the manufacture of new products such as furniture and plastics – reducing the use of fossil fuels and significantly cutting CO2 emissions.

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