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We aim to reuse, recycle or recover as much waste as possible and with our asbestos disposal Sedgefield services striving to be as ecofriendly as possible. We collect the asbestos waste and take it back to our base where it is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We at Asbestos Disposal Sedgefield are fully aware of all relevant legislation within Sedgefield Durham and carry out our responsibilities appropriately. So if you need asbestos collection in Sedgefield then please call us now on 0800 246 1404.

We are a well established business that is fully qualified in the safe disposal of asbestos in Sedgefield Durham. We dispose of all waste safely at licensed facilities so you can feel comfortable that your risk is lessening with each passing day. We endeavour to offer an environment friendly and costeffective service which also takes into account the latest regulations outlined by the Environment Agency and will always dispose of your waste in line with current legislation.
Asbestos Disposal Sedgefield Waste management team in Sedgefield Durham will examine your waste, even if you cannot identify or say what the materials consist of. We offer a doortodoor asbestos disposal service for private homes, commercial workplaces and also facilities like schools. This is carried out by our experienced professionals who are able to follow all the correct procedures to ensure that the asbestos waste is disposed of safely and efficiently. We are able to take away your asbestos in Sedgefield Durham and will safely dispose of the waste either by disposing of it ourselves or taking it to an approved landfill.
We are fully licensed and insured, so you know that your property is going to be treated professionally and in accordance with HM laws. If you wish to learn more about how we could help you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. At asbestos disposal in Sedgefield we're passionate about ensuring we recycle where possible and dispose of any hazardous waste appropriately. We also make sure that all of our vans are fully equipped with the tools to complete all jobs safely, efficiently, and quickly.
We take care of all the asbestos disposal in Sedgefield Durham, avoiding any need for you, as the client to handle the asbestos yourself. Asbestos Disposal Sedgefield experts can also provide you with a range of quotes so that you can compare our services. 5m1 state of the art PET plastic bottle recycling facility today in Seaham, County Durham. Biffa has invested over £27 million in the facility and will take on a total of 30 staff to process 400,000 PET plastic bottles every day.

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We are one of the leading waste disposal companies in Sedgefield that operates under a logical hierarchy of waste management. This is a framework which dictates and prioritises wastes based upon their impacts on humans and the environment. The hierarchy of waste management includes determining what waste streams are reusable, recyclable or recoverable; establishing how to promote minimisation (avoiding waste in the first place); moving substances towards segregation at source and then ultimately looking at methods to ensure that there is a safe disposal plan in place.

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This asbestos disposal service in Sedgefield Durham, works to ensure that all asbestos waste is disposed of correctly and efficiently. We have been working with homeowners and businesses throughout the UK for a number of years now, providing them with their asbestos disposal services which means that they can rest assured knowing that all waste has been handled with care by experts. In light of the new law (2014) legislation, we have now renamed our asbestos disposal service to encapsulation in Sedgefield.

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This is because the Waste Hierarchy (2012) states that all hazardous wastes should be recycled or recovered wherever possible. In compliance the regulations, we will now only carry out asbestos encapsulation in Sedgefield Durham. Do you need to dispose of asbestos in Sedgefield? We can help. We are one of the regions leading asbestos removal companies . This is because we have extensive experience in dealing with this type of waste. With us, you'll get expert asbestos disposal advice, a reliable service and complete peace of mind throughout the whole process.

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We are committed to keeping the area and all the people of Sedgefield, clean and safe. We deal with asbestos disposal at a professional level providing a flexible service that meets a variety of working environments. asbestos disposal in Sedgefield Durham can be a tricky process to manage but we take the knowledge, time and resources needed to cater for the project and complete waste disposal in Sedgefield Durham effectively. Seaham will join Biffa’s network of five regional PET bottle recycling facilities across the country.

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asbestos removal in Durham is something that we perform on a regular basis and our client base is vast due to the quality of service that we deliver. We have been operating for numerous years and each month, a new client comes forward to ask for our services. In order for us to operate with efficiency and biodegradability, we always ensure that we follow the Waste Hierarchy regulations (2012). Among other things, you can dispose of asbestos materials we dispose of asbestos materials such as asbestos drywall, roofing material, floors and even machinery.

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