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asbestos disposal is different in Swanley and Kent. Please follow this link to learn about what you can take for free or at a small cost at Kent County Council Recycling and Waste Centre: KCC – Asbestos collections SWANLEY   or for asbestos clear up, call Paul at Chalkhill Asbestos Disposal Swanley on 01622 962164. Asbestos is a health hazard. If you are dealing with asbestos in the form of roof tiles, floor boards or any kind of structural element on or beneath your home, it must be disposed of carefully at an authorised recycling site.

Contact KCC to find the nearest site and the correct procedures for handing asbestos material. asbestos disposal at the Swanley site will cease on Thursday 20 December 2016. Thereafter, for information onasbestos disposal in Kent and other council's across the UK, visit our webpages. asbestos disposal Swanley Kent, visit our asbestos disposal Swanley page for a list of commercial disposal companies that will help you deal with the disposal of Brown asbestos safely. The Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage has a search facility to find the centre nearest to you and the correct procedures for handling asbestos at KCC sites .
Whether it is for asbestos removal or general waste disposal, at Swanley Rubbish Recycling Centre we are always ready with the right facilities and professional staff to handle your cargo with care. Backed by over 20 years of experience in handling construction and demolition materials, we can be certain that no matter what kind of rubble you are disposing off, we will process it safely and effectively. Asbestos is a nuisance that's best removed by asbestos disposal companies in Swanley, Kent.
We'll make sure it is disposed of safely. The County Council allows the removal of small quantities, but you must not dispose of any larger amounts of asbestos yourself. There are a limited amount of registered asbestos contractors in Swanley who operate in our council area. Whether your asbestos is from work or home, the safe removal of asbestos in Swanley can be found at KCC facilities. For more information on how to safely dispose of asbestos, visit Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage  or call Kent County Council's Waste Helpline on 01622 962164.
Swanley County Councils asbestos disposal facilities are ONLY open for asbestos from the public, trade and commercial customers during specified hours. Kent County Council have now withdrawn all KCC asbestos disposal sites at municipal points in Maidstone. Anything made of asbestos can be disposed of at the nearest existing Kent County Council kerbside or licensed asbestos disposal site; or by arranging delivery through a licensed transporter. Contact KCC on 01622 962164 for more information. Asbestos can be brought into our centre for disposal from householders, residents in care homes and schools or you may visit [email protected] for advice on what to do with asbestos.

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Swanley residents can dispose of their asbestos safely at the council's asbestos disposal site. The safety and convenience of Swanley residents is a top priority for Kent County Council. That is why we provide free disposal for unwanted materials that contain asbestos. We will be happy to guide you through the steps involved in disposing of your asbestos safely, safely and legally. The service is offered on a selfservice basis. Asbestos waste must be removed by an asbestos contractor.

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Most of the Kent County Council onsite transfer stations do not have a facility to accept asbestos for disposal and it is therefore your responsibility to arrange for the removal and disposal of your asbestos waste on an offsite licensed site. If you have asbestos to dispose of, visit the Kent County Council website for lighting and heating contractor already using the site as well as residents. If nobody is using the disposal site, you must check if the Waste License holder (the person who has applied for a Waste License) has asbestos.

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The Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling website is now live and has information for residents and visitors on what to do with your waste at home, work, school or in the community. It explains the services Kent County Council offers, including how they are delivered; the environmental impact of waste disposal and what you can do to help; how to dispose of certain items safely such as tyres and liquids, metals and paint. It also includes useful tips on recycling, composting, batteries and electrical equipment plus where you can find a Home Composting scheme .

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Swanley asbestos disposal Centre is located in Biggin Hill Park on Old House Lane, Swanley, Kent. Situated on the site of the former Kent County Council (KCC) asbestos disposal Site. The best way to dispose of asbestos waste is to double bag it before placing it in your black wheeled bin. When you put your asbestos waste into your black wheeled bin please attach a label to the outside of the bag or box clearly stating that it contains asbestos.

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For safe disposal of asbestos in Swanley, Kent, visit the asbestos disposal page on the Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage or call Kent County Council's Waste Helpline on 01622 962164 to find the centre nearest to you and the correct procedures for handling asbestos at KCC sites. If you have any asbestos products that must be disposed of, call KCC's Waste Helpline on 01622 962164 for advice on the nearest site and the correct procedures for disposal.

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