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We can help by providing the appropriate containers and transportation of asbestos materials to KCC sites. Also, please remember that you may only dispose of suitable asbestos materials at a site in accordance with KCC's Asbestos Disposal Westerham tocols. If material is found to be unsuitable for disposal it can either be taken away by us at commercial rates or disposed of by yourself. Waste disposal in Westerham Kent is a serious business and the safe handling procedures are well documented.

Asbestos waste must be separated from any other types of waste and only certain centres, those with appropriate facilities and procedures, will be able to dispose of that waste accordingly. asbestos disposal in Westerham Kent, Visit the Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage or call Kent County Council's Waste Helpline on 01622 962164 to find the centre nearest to you and the correct procedures for handling asbestos at KCC sites. asbestos disposal Tenterden, asbestos disposal Kent, asbestos disposal in Tenterden.
If you have asbestos waste that needs disposing, follow these simple steps: 1. Prepare the asbestos waste For collection in a cardboard box or large plastic bag: Do not crush, bend or break asbestos materials Do not mix asbestos with other waste 2. Transport the asbestos waste to your nearest KCC site Call 01622 962164 for a timetable of 23 days for prebooked collections Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time 3. Dispose of the waste responsibly When you arrive at the site, ask for advice about using their disposal facilities and container disposal points: Avoid spreading any asbestos dust.
asbestos disposal Westerham Kent. As per NCP's asbestos disposal Advice, all asbestos removal is governed by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Workplace (Health and Safety) Regulations 1992. It is an offence to remove asbestos without lawful authority. This means that if you are unsure whether the material in question is asbestos, or you are unfamiliar with working with asbestos materials, then it is best to avoid handling it all together. Call KCC on 01622 962164 or visit kent.
Asbestos waste services The disposal of asbestos material can be difficult and quite often expensive.  KCC operates a limited number of Sites which take nonfriable asbestos material for disposal as well as other construction and demolition waste. All sites are manned by KCC staff to ensure that visits are safe and secure. asbestos disposal Westerham is one of 48 waste recycling centres across Kent serving the public and trade. Find full details of services offered, opening hours, contact details and directions, or take a virtual tour via the Google street view map.

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asbestos disposal in Westerham Kent, Asbestos is a natural mineral which has been used in many different ways throughout history. However, you must be careful when handling asbestos because it can lead to lung complaints if fibres are breathed in. Most commercial properties will have building materials containing asbestos and if these building materials are damaged or broken, they can release asbestos fibres into the environment. Understanding more about asbestos and how to dispose of it safely is an important step in maintaining your health and the health of people around you.

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Calling the Waste Helpline will route your call to the centre closest to you, or visit the Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage to find a centre near you. asbestos disposal Westerham Kent. Where's My Rubbish, the UK's only 100% recycling service for commercial and private customers across the whole of Kent and surrounding area, including asbestos disposal in Westerham. call asbestos disposal Westerham Kent for a free price quote and to book your waste delivery today.

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Supported by Kent County Council Call your nearest centre before you visit to find out more about the asbestos collection facilities at each site. For general information about asbestos, and to order an asbestos disposal bag, visit the KCC Recycling and Rubbish webpage. For safe disposal of asbestos in Kent, visit the Kent County Council Rubbish and Recycling webpage or call Kent County Council's Waste Helpline on 01622 962164 to find the centre nearest to you and the correct procedures for handling asbestos at KCC sites.

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Waste disposal asbestos Westerham KCC, for the disposal of your asbestos waste in Westerham. Kent County Council provide enquiry lines if you wish to know about the costs and services at centres near you, call 01622 962164. gov. uk/rubbish/asbestos for advice and information about asbestos collection days. A selection of helpful publications, including health and safety pamphlets and more detailed guidance documents are available from: asbestos disposal A1 Waste Kent, Kent County Council's asbestos disposal service is available to commercial and domestic users of materials containing asbestos.

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asbestos disposal Westerham asbestos disposal cost? asbestos disposal and transportation should be conducted by a specialist company that is EPA licensed to deal with asbestos waste. We recommend you contact your local council about asbestos removal. If you are unable to get in touch with the appropriate agency in your area, Five Star can help you find a company in your area that deals with asbestos disposal or visit our website: Kent County Council's dedicated asbestos disposal centres are now closed, however there are still a few landfill sites which accept bulk deliveries of asbestos.

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